The Relief for Hurricane Harvey is Only Just Beginning

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston on August 24, 2017 no one was expecting what was to come. This turned out to be one of the most devastating natural disasters to make landfall on U.S. soil in more than 12 years. While the outcome was overwhelming we here at Philpott Ford in Nederland, TX and the entire Sonic Automotive Group is proving that Houston and the surrounding area will be able to come back stronger.

Our dealership and the entire staff within Sonic Automotive is working hard to bring some calm after the storm. Our courageous executive vice president Jeff Dyke and other incredible staff members traveled down to Houston with a boat and plenty of supplies to help to get our staff members some much needed help during this tough time. But, we are not just aiming to help our employees only, but also the members of the community. At the Audi Central Houston dealership the staff members ran a supply drive to help the community get some of the necessities that may have been lost due to the flooding.

We know how distressing the entire hurricane was for everyone in Houston and the surrounding areas, but all of us here at Philpott Ford and Sonic Automotive Group are here to help. We are continually impressed by the resilience, strength, and hope of everyone in Houston and the surrounding communities. See everyone soon!

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