Ford Expedition or GMC Yukon? Let Us Help!

For the sake of your family's comfort, it's important to compare vehicles before settling on one to purchase. Here is a brief comparison of the 2018 Ford Expedition and its counterpart, GMC's Yukon.

Gas Mileage - Both the Ford Expedition and the GMC Yukon will have you stopping to fill up your gas tank with the same frequency since they get similar gas mileage. Overall Cost - The MSRP of the Expedition is a bit higher than the Yukon, but the overall cost depends on the Destination Charge. Considering this, it is quite possible that there may be a negligible difference between the selling price of the vehicle you choose. Drivetrain - The 2018 Expedition comes with more torque than the GMC Yukon and delivers it more effectively to the wheels.

For more comparison information concerning these two SUVs, visit Philpott Ford and speak with one of our expert sales staff.

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