Explore the Radar in the Ford Taurus

We here at Philpott Ford are excited to show you around the high-tech features in the new Ford Taurus. This popular full-sized sedan is available with advanced radar systems that are designed to monitor your surroundings as your travel through our town and beyond.

The Blind Spot Monitoring system is available as an optional upgrade. For the Limited and SHO models, it's standard. With this feature, you'll get radar sensors on both sides of your vehicle. As you're driving, the sensors will detect vehicles in your blind spot. The Taurus will make you aware of the other driver's presence through visual alerts on the side mirrors.

When you back up, those same sensors can detect oncoming traffic on both sides of your vehicle. They can help you back out of parking spots or driveways. The system is capable of detecting oncoming vehicles from up to 15 yards away. It will let you know when it's not safe to keep going through an alert sound.



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