Testing the All-New 2019 Ford Ranger

Those who are still in the market for a new midsize pickup truck would do well waiting just a little longer until the new 2019 Ford Ranger is released.

The reason for the growing interest in the new 2019 Ford Ranger is due in part to the extensive robotic testing that this vehicle undergoes. To ensure there will be no squeaking or rattling of the suspension system, several days of continuous shaking by robots is performed in an effort to not ruin your ride.

To make certain your new 2019 Ford Ranger can handle towing any load, the vehicle is put to the test on the slickest and coldest roads, then driven hard in extreme heat. By the time the testing is complete, the truck is ready to haul anything.

Reach out to Philpott Ford and we can notify you the minute the new 2019 Ford Ranger is on our lot.



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