Improve Your Driving Experience with the Ford C-MAX’s Smart Features

The Ford C-MAX has earned a reputation as a popular compact hybrid. This sleek vehicle features a SmartGauge with EcoGuide, plus a standard rearview camera to improve your driving experience.

The rear backup camera appears on the center console display when you shift into reverse gear. You’ll see a clear picture of your surrounding behind you, so you’re able to clearly view things that would otherwise be in your blind spot. You’ll also notice an indicator that helps you understand how close your car is to other objects, reducing the risk of accidentally bumping into another vehicle. Get better gas mileage by using the SmartGauge with EcoGuide. This feature offers customizable LCD displays, located on your dashboard. They give you information related to your driving habits and fuel economy, showing you how you can change your driving style to conserve gas.

Here at Philpott Ford, we want you to know about how the C-MAX Smart features make your life easier. In addition to these two useful features, there are also many other Smart features available for the car that make it a pleasure to drive.



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