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Under the hood of your vehicle, there are a lot of important systems that keep your vehicle. An over-looked part like a car's battery might seem less needed than the engine, but it's responsible for keeping your vehicle's lights on and provides the spark needed to start your engine! There are a few signs that you can watch out for that indicate when it's time for a battery replacement, and here at Philpott Ford, we can help!

Battery Installation $10.00 Off

Install new True Start Battery - Regularly $143.99

Signs You Need a New Battery

While our team is happy to test the efficacy of your battery, you can perform a few simple tests at home to see where things stand under your Ford's hood. First, start your engine and take a look at your headlights. This works well pointed at something with a large enough wall to see both headlights. Next, turn on your air conditioning while looking at your headlights. If the lights dim while the A/C is going, your battery is barely keeping up with the daily demands that your vehicle places on it. We recommend that you replace your battery as soon as possible.

Other issues that might occur can include needing your vehicle jump-started, using a battery pack to get things going, or frequently having issues getting your vehicle to start when it's hot or cold outside. Should you have any of these problems, give us a call and schedule an appointment to have your battery replaced at Philpott Ford.

Schedule a Battery Service Appointment at Our Nederland Ford Service Center

Whether you're just looking for a formal battery test from a team you can trust, or you know you need a genuine Ford replacement to ensure your vehicle's best performance, we recommend that you make an appointment with our Philpott Ford service team. From our state-of-the-art service center to genuine parts and diagnostic tools, we'll make sure you get the care that you deserve! Let our team of Ford experts get you back on the road and driving with confidence!

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