What’s the Importance of Windshield Wiper Fluid?

You may not realize how important your windshield wiper fluid is until you don't have it in your vehicle. Keeping your windshield clean helps to improve your visibility, which is important when you are on the road.

Look at the glass in your house. How long before it gets dirty? And that's inside! Your automobile's windshield is constantly exposed to the elements, including mud, dirt, bugs, rain and everything else. It's impossible to keep your windshield clean for very long, even if you wash your car often. Windshield wiper fluid is important because it allows you to clean your windshield whenever you need to. That means if another vehicle throws up mud, you can immediately get your windshield clean and protect your visibility.

Not only is windshield wiper fluid a convenience, it's also a necessary safety item. When you bring your car into Philpott Ford in Nederland, TX for service, we will check your wiper fluid and refill it if necessary.

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